HOWTO: update taxbird and libgeier debian packages

This page documents the steps needed to update the taxbird debian package. Package libgeier and libgeier-dev is updated first, since these are needed for building taxbird. Package taxbird is built next.

HOWTO: install Debian Linux on a Medion Akoya Netbook E1210

This page shows how I installed Linux on a Medion Akoya E1210 Netbook using a USB memory stick. Since the E1210 is a clone of the MSI Wind U100, this howto might work with it too.

The way outlined at Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide didn't work for me.

Disclaimer: use this HOWTO at your own risk :-)

Accessfs: permission filesystem for linux

This is a new file system to manage permissions. It is not very useful on its own. You need to load other modules below.

User permission based IP ports

With this module, you will be able to control access to IP ports based on user-/groupid.

There's no need anymore to run internet daemons as root. You can individually configure which user/program can bind to protected ports (by default, below 1024).

Filesystem capabilities for linux

The user space tools are not POSIX compatible. This implementation adds filesystem capabilities to the Linux kernel. It doesn't change how capabilities were used and interpreted in the kernel proper.

With this patch, you will be able to grant selective privileges to executables on a needed basis. This means for some executables, there is no need anymore to run as root or as a suid root binary.

For example, you may drop the SUID bit from ping and grant the CAP_NET_RAW capability: