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  • Moving Android build from Ant to Maven

    Submitted by olaf on 2017-07-01

    Recently, my five year old Android smartphone broke and so I had to “upgrade” it to a newer one. Unfortunately, the new phone (Android 6) was missing a menu button.

  • Exploring Android's binary XML file format

    Submitted by olaf on 2015-05-11

    There are several apps on Google’s Play store, which basically allow to remove permissions from apps. They do this by modifying the binary AndroidManifest.xml inside the APK file, repacking and then reinstalling the modified APK.

    Tags: android c++ xml
  • Compiling busybox for an ARM processor (Android)

    Submitted by olaf on 2015-01-19

    Currently, I am looking at Android exploits to gain root access. Most of the instructions out there, are about downloading some closed source binaries. Since this is a very sensitive topic, I like to see the source code and at least be able to build the programs myself.

  • Multi-user Android

    Submitted by olaf on 2013-11-04

    I always wanted to have a multi-user Android on my tablet. But I have Android 3.2 and the only update available is Android 4.0, which additionally has some reports about performance and stability issues.