Installing Ubuntu Bionic

Submitted by olaf on 2018-04-23
Tags: ubuntu

It’s time again to evaluate the next Ubuntu LTS, Bionic Beaver.

Still, I consider the installer too risky to use on an existing system. So when I explore new systems, I still use the method outlined in Install Ubuntu with encrypted LVM and multiple logical volumes and Manually installing Ubuntu.

This also works more or less for Ubuntu Bionic, but there are two major pitfalls, encryption and networking.


For encryption (and decryption) to work, one needs cryptsetup and lvm2 packages, which are not installed automatically.

apt-get install cryptsetup lvm2
update-initramfs -u

and the first hurdle is cleared.


Networking has changed in Bionic, configuration is done with This was already installed when doing a

apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

but it is not configured yet. This must be done before rebooting into the new system. Simply copy an appropriate example configuration from /usr/share/doc/ to /etc/netplan.

For me, it’s just a DHCP based configuration

cp /usr/share/doc/ /etc/netplan

With these two obstacles removed, there is only a minor nitpick left. The order of system consoles has changed. The Gnome desktop is now assigned to the first terminal instead of the seventh.

This means to access the first virtual console, you no longer press Ctrl-Alt-F1, but Ctrl-Alt-F2. Ctrl-Alt-F1 switches to the desktop.

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