Configure a personal Prosody XMPP server

Submitted by olaf on 2016-01-29

If anything doesn’t work as expected, see the log files, which are located in /var/log/prosody/.

Install Prosody and dependencies

apt-get install prosody lua-sec

Create a minimal configuration file for your server /etc/prosody/conf.avail/ and link it into /etc/prosody/conf.d/.

authentication = "internal_hashed"

VirtualHost ""

ssl = {
    key = "/var/lib/prosody/";
    certificate = "/var/lib/prosody/";

By default, prosody stores passwords as plaintext, and not hashed. So, to make it a bit more secure, use mod_auth_internal_hashed.

Create a self signed certificate for secure communication

prosodyctl cert generate

and import the certificate into your client.

Add your family and friends

prosodyctl adduser
prosodyctl adduser
prosodyctl adduser
prosodyctl adduser

Connect and enjoy secure communication and privacy.

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