Multi-user Android

I always wanted to have a multi-user Android on my tablet. But I have Android 3.2 and the only update available is Android 4.0, which additionally has some reports about performance and stability issues.

HOWTO: update taxbird and libgeier debian packages

This page documents the steps needed to update the taxbird debian package. Package libgeier and libgeier-dev is updated first, since these are needed for building taxbird. Package taxbird is built next.

Some patches for dvbcut

I installed a Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T 500 DVB-T PCI card into my computer and it works good with Linux and VDR.

I haven't found a satisfactory video editing software, which allows to cut out commercials from recorded movies. Although, dvbcut comes pretty close.

HOWTO: install Debian Linux on a Medion Akoya Netbook E1210

This page shows how I installed Linux on a Medion Akoya E1210 Netbook using a USB memory stick. Since the E1210 is a clone of the MSI Wind U100, this howto might work with it too.

The way outlined at Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide didn't work for me.

Disclaimer: use this HOWTO at your own risk :-)